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Our full time team has over 40 years of viticulture experience. The team follows a collaborative style of management with each member providing support to each other.

John Lawrence, President, and Finance & Accounting Manager
John, a chartered accountant, is a retired partner of Price Waterhouse Coopers. John and his wife Liz acquired Earlco Holdings Ltd in 2003. He is actively involved in the day to day operations of Earlco.


Rebecca Mikulic, Vice President
Rebecca handles all HR related business processes. She hires all new employees for Earlco Vineyard. Rebecca has been working full-time in the family business for the last 4 years. Before that, she worked abroad in different countries, such as Asia doing wine sales.


Shawn Alexander, Office Manager
Shawn works in the office doing administration and finance work such as invoice billing. He communicates with all the vineyard managers and staff to keep track of the clients and daily finances of the business.


Bobby Ercego, Vineyard Manager
Bobby was born and raised in the vineyard and has never missed a harvest. He grew up on his grandfather’s vineyard as a young boy and then helping his father on his own vineyard every year since he could walk. Bobby has studied viticulture and has a hands-on approach in the vineyard, working with the vines on a daily basis. He is constantly growing his knowledge and always looking to produce a better end product with the grapes he grows.


Stephan Kruger, Vineyard Manager
From the Western Cape Winelands in South Africa, Stephan farmed on family-owned wine and fruit farm from 2010 until he moved to Canada in 2016, and joined Earlco Vineyards shortly after. He now resides in the Okanagan and brings his knowledge of vineyard management and lives out his passion for vineyards and wine. He looks forward to growing premium quality grapes in the Okanagan with Earlco.


Kevin Rossion, Vineyard Manager
Born in Europe, Kevin has always had a passion for the wine industry. After working as a manager in France and Spain, he moved to Canada where he developed and managed multiple vineyards through the Okanagan Valley. Throughout the years, Kevin has built a strong relationship with local farmers and producers which led to his own company in 2014 and in 2016 joined forces with Earlco Vineyards Ltd.


Matthew Mikulic, Consultant
Matthew brings with him a viticulture degree from Fresno State University in California. Matt has international wine-making experience from Australia, Argentina, and well as different countries in Europe. Matt is experienced in vineyard establishment and expansion, having developed his own vineyard in Croatia.