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Starting a vineyard project is a big deal, so you want to find someone you’re comfortable working with.


Earlco Holdings Ltd was incorporated in 2003 by John and Liz Lawrence to acquire 1493, Todd Road, Penticton property for their future retirement.

The property of 15 acres had planted vineyards of 7.5 acres. This retirement plan, although somewhat a hare-brained scheme, was based on a long family history of farming, a passion for growing, and an appreciation of vineyards wisited in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Then there is the fascination of wine…. “All good, some better than others” as John’s father used to say when drinking wine!

Over the last 14 years the company has expanded in response to the burgeoning wine industry, particularly on the Naramata Bench area of the Okanagan. The company has extended its own vineyards and entered into arrangements with local vineyard owners for the care and maintenance of their vineyards.

The name Earlco is simply derived from the naming of our vineyard blocks after our three daughters; Emily, Abby, and Rebecca Lawrence and put into a company!

We try to instill our family values into our business interactions; with clients, employees, the wineries for whom we grow fruit, and with the suppliers who we reply on.

Earlco Ltd is owned and operated by the Lawrence Family Trust.

The Directors are:
John Lawrence, President
Liz Lawrence, Secretary
Emily Brine
Abby Thomas
Rebecca Lawrence

Earlco is licenced by the Government of British Columbia to carry out- viticulture work on behalf of its clients. Our farming licence # is 174-762/13. Our license is important, as unlicensed Farm Labor Contractors and those engaging them are both liable to fines under the Labour Standards Act of British Columbia.


Our logo focuses boldly on the family named company and our long lone of family Airedale Terriers. What do Airedales have to do with viticulture?

Nothing! However we believe they are an emblem of the family values we use in guiding our business practices. Their characters reflect dependability, high energy, fun loving, and loyalty. They are eager to please, and protective with high stamina; although this could be confused with being stubborn.



To deliver superior quality viticulture practices while working together with care, integrity and passion for the mutual benefit of customers, employees and shareholders based on communication, education and reform.